• IWINAC 2024 Best paper award

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  • Curso de Verano de Inteligencia Artificial en la UNIA (2024)

    El grupo BioSiP organiza el curso de verano "Inteligencia artificial aplicada: generación de contenido y modelos de lenguaje" en la Universidad Internacional de Andalucía.

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  • BioSiP Group

  • Grupo BioSiP en el programa Tesis de Canal Sur

    Proyecto PGC2018-098813-B-C32

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  • Red Temática UMA-CSIC "Retos de la seguridad en entornos biomédicos"

    Reunión de trabajo en la ETSIT

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  • Máster en Criptografía Avanzada y Seguridad de las Comunicaciones

    ¡¡ RESERVA YA tu plaza !!

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  • Telecomunicación, criptografía y sociedad: una constante universal

    Revista BIT, octubre 2023, Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación

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  • Opening Lecture at UNIA 2023. The Artificial Intelligence Big Bang: Machine to mimic humans?

    Opening Lecture by Andrés Ortiz at International University of Andalucía, 2023

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  • La Clave PILAR. El primer número de la colección DIVULGA de la UMA

    UMA editorial

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  • Inteligencia Artificial para estudiar el Cerebro

    In this video, we show the main rearch lines of the biosip group in the development of new methods to explore brain functional connectivity patterns

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  • BioSiP at the IWINAC 2024 conference

    BioSiP jointly with SiPBA group, will host the Workshop entitled MALENE (Machine Learning in Neuroscience) within the 10th IWINAC conference in Olhao (Portugal), June 2024.

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  • Computational Neuroscience Laboratory

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  • Cybersecurity Award - 2018

    Cybersecurity Award - La Noche de las Telecomunicaciones 2018

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  • Crypto Lab decrypts telegrams sent in 1940

    A Spanish strip cipher, known as the “PILAR key,” has been reconstructed from a set of encrypted telegrams sent by the General Directorate of Security in Madrid, Spain, to the civil government in Malaga, Spain, in 1940. The results have been presented and exposed in the Provincial Historical Archive of Malaga.

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  • Biosip co-organizes "Telecommunication for Secutiry and Defense" 2019

    Funded by the Ministry of Defense (Spain)

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  • BIOSIP deploys the first wireless sensor prototypes for intelligent irrigation

    CONMET project, leadered by BIOSIP, belonging to the UMA Smart Campus framework, has produced the first hardware prototypes to be integrated with software applications to provide intelligence to the UMA irrigation control system

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  • Proyecto PGC2018-098813-B-C32

    Técnicas de inteligencia artificial para el diagnóstico precoz de la dislexia

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We are part of the UMA

The University of Málaga follows an educational model to promote competitive, quality teaching which is employment-orientated and accredited in Europe. Its vigour and growth over recent years have led to it becoming a reference point for universities in Spain.

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Leeduca Project

We are part of the Leeduca project. This aims to fuse multimodal information (behavioural and biomedical data) using advanced signal and data processing techniques for the diagnosis of learning disabilities.

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Our contributions

Our production spans medical image processing and analysis, machine learning and neural networks.

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Laboratorio de Criptografía y Seguridad de la Información

Laboratory of Cryptpgraphy and Information Security - University of Málaga

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About Research Group

The Biomedical Signal Processing,Computational Intelligence and Communications Security (BioSiP) research group focus the activities in the development of new techniques and learning algorithms, in collaboration with other national and international research groups.

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Featured contributions

Characterizing Two Outbreak Waves of COVID-19 in Spain Using Phenomenological Epidemic Modelling

Miguel López, Alberto Peinado, Andrés Ortiz

Studying the Manifold Structure of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Deep Learning Approach Using Convolutional Autoencoders

Martínez-Murcia, F.J., Ortiz, A., Górriz, J.M., Ramírez, J., Castillo-Barnés, D.

Label aided deep ranking for the automatic diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndromes

Ortiz, Andrés, Murcia, Francisco J Martínez, Munilla, Jorge, Górriz, Juan M and Ramírez, Javier