Neuroimage processing

BioSiP reserch group has participated and coordinated different funded research projects since 2010. As a result of that research, a high number of works have been released and published in international journal papers and conferences in the fields of neuroimage processing, including functional images (PET, SPECT, fMRI) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Thus, new algorithms and methods for Alzheimer Disease diagnosis and Parkinson Disease Diagnosis have been developed. Moreover, new proposals and methods for segmentation and classification have been devised, including Self-Organizing-based methods, Deep Learning architectures and in general, statistical learning algorithms to exploit all the information contained in the images allowing the information-to-knowledge transformation for computer aided diagnosis.

Functional and Structural image processing

Automatic computation of regions of interest by (linear and non-linear) projection techniques







Functional and Strucutural Connectivity inference for studying neurological disease development

Probabilistic ROI analysis by Probabilistic Self-Organizing Maps

MRI (Supervised and unsupervised) Segmentation

Morphological brain modeling for Parkinson Disease Diagnosis


Spherical Brain Mapping