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Guillermo Cotrina Cuenca

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Department of Communications Engineering

Guillermo Cotrina Cuenca was born in Granada in 1975. He has a Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics section specializing in algebra and topology in 1999 at the University of Malaga. In the year 1998-1999 and during his studies he took an Erasmus stay at the University of Southampton where he completed his studies at University of Malaga (UMA) doing research in Number Theory, History of Mathematics, Information Theory and Data Coding and Topics in Pure Mathematics. Once licensed, he takes the Pedagogical Aptitude Courses at the University of Malaga, obtaining the Outstanding qualification. After completing his studies he started working at the University Les Roches de Marbella, in 2000. He became part of the Mathematics and Computing department. Within the same university he made the studies of didactic excellence in the same university obtaining the title CHE (Certified Hospitality University Educator). In the same university Les Roches to be part of the organ of management training and development of teachers, being a member of the committee until 2000 when he stops working for the University Les Roches and starts working, thanks to competition Opposition, for the Community Board of Castilla la Mancha as a professor. In the same way he began his doctorate studies and more specifically from the DEA in the UNED within the pure Mathematics Department of said university.
He starts working as a secondary school teacher and in the same way starts working as speech trainer for the educational administration. He has been a speaker of educational innovation, introduction of ICTs to teaching practice, preparation of the mathematics and computer science Olympics. Similarly in 2009 a team led by him was champion of the regional Olympics of Castilla La Mancha. During his stay in Castilla la Mancha he completes his English studies reaching level C1 accredited by the EOI of Guadalajara.
He moved to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in 2010 where he began teaching Bilingual mathematics as PES. With great scientific concern, he decides to continue his studies for what he does in two masters related to mathematics. The first of them in Applied Statistics through the UNED, obtaining the qualification of Outstanding and the second one of Mathematics through the UGR in which it obtains a grade of Outstanding. In the same way he completes his studies in Languages and obtains C1 level of French through the EOI of Málaga. In the same way, she became part of the body of bilingual teachers of French in 2016. To complete his studies, he completed two stays of Language Immersion, one of English and one of French (Vichy). At the same time he is a member of the presentation of the entrance exam to the University since 2017. He is currently the head of the Mathematics department of his school. He enrolled in 2014 in the Doctorate of the Higher School of Computing and Telecommunications to investigate safety in the transmission of data safely. For this purpose, it was decided to investigate the use of flow encryption through the displacement records on extended fields. His publications have been present at the National Cybersecurity Recsi congresses since 2016 and at the National Symposium of the International Scientific Union of Radio URSI, for the safe development of data transmissions. To conclude, he said that he has participated in the PhD studentships since 2014.

M.Sc. in Mathematics, Ph.D. in Telecommunications